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Why your Business Should Consider getting an Explainer Video

by | Feb 28, 2013 | Usability | 0 comments

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If Video killed the Radio Star, will the video kill the text based internet? We are living in a constantly evolving world where technologies are changing at a faster rate than at any time in history and the businesses who adapt to these changes are winning.

In case you haven’t heard about them, explainer videos are animated videos which explain what you do. They are typically added to the homepage so the new customers can quickly understand what you do and get them interested enough to buy your product. It’s a new medium to reach your potential customers and connect with them on an emotional level. Everybody loves watching video.

1. A video is worth 1.8 million worlds!

You might have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words but did you know that a video is worth a million words. A study done by Dr. James McQuivey from Forrester Research concluded that 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

2. Decrease Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to percentage of visitors who only view the landing page of your website and leave without visiting any other page. A video on your landing page can significantly decrease bounce rate. A 90 seconds video will make your visitor spend 90 seconds more on your website.

3. We grew up watching TV

Face it we grew up watching TV and movies. Most people prefer watching TV rather than reading books. As a culture, we want to watch. A video can help you make an emotional connection with your audience and remember your brand.

4. Increase Conversion Rates.

Conversion rate refers to the number of visitors to your website who get converted to actual customers. An explainer video can make your customers more informed and more confident about their purchase decision. Several studies have shown that video can increase conversion rate by more than 50%.

5. Rank higher on Google

According to a research done by the Forrester agency websites with videos are 53 times more likely to appear on first page of Google results. Google shows video results in their normal search engine results, making video a great source of targeted traffic.


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