I’m guessing that you have found this blog post because your business website is not converting your website visitors into leads. I am going to give you some tips that will help you to change all of that.

As a business owner, or the person in charge of reaching your sales targets, it can be hard to understand what exactly needs to be done to increase leads. Perhaps your website is not an area that your business has been pushing to get leads and sales.

If that is the case then I hope these 8 ideas will help you to understand how to convert more visitors into leads. A recent survey suggests that the quicker you respond to your website visitors the higher chance they have of converting. Developing an inbound marketing strategy and lead nurturing programme can help you to close more leads quicker.

1. The sales engine

The first point I chose to include in this list is building your sales engine. I have done so for the very reason that so many businesses forget to build the sales engine before they do their marketing.

If your website is not a reflection of your sales process then your website will be like the millions of others that don’t convert their visitors into leads.

Don’t underestimate the power of doing this as building your sales funnel on your website can lead to your business generating lots of sales ready leads for a long time to come.

For further information on setting up your sales funnel on your website I have written this guide, 25 website enhancements to convert visitors to leads.

Far too many businesses pay for search engine optimisation and PPC to send traffic to their website but all that happens is that traffic doesn’t turn into leads and sales.

Is this you?

2. Start writing content from your buyers point of view

Your prospects need help making their buying decision, they want to know which one is best, how much they cost, is this one better than that one and a whole lot more.

Create a blog and start to write content that answers the most common questions your customers have, be helpful and make a connection with your prospects and they will be more likely to come to you when they want to buy.  Make sure you write your content for your buyer personas. These are a representation of your idea customer.

3. No call to actions

To turn more visitors into leads you need to tell your prospects what to do next, whether that is to download a guide or request a demo or consultation. Every page on your website should have at least one call to action.

The success of these calls to actions will depend on how relevant your content is to the next step you are asking them to make.

4. Talk the language of your buyers

Similar to writing content from the buyer’s point of view, your content also needs to use the language that your prospects use to search. This will really help your content show up in search engines when people search for information.

Addressing specific questions or pain points will also give your content a great boost in search.

5. Stop attracting the wrong people

Many businesses have turned to inbound marketing because they want to convert visitors into leads and they have been doing SEO campaigns that bring them some healthy traffic but it is not converting.

The reason for this is that it is the wrong traffic. You want traffic that has the highest likelihood to convert.  So creating content that attracts your buyer personas will mean you will generate more leads from less traffic.

It is not just about the amount of traffic, it is about the amount and quality of leads.

6. Create some offers

When your prospects arrive at your website through helpful content, you then want to offer some premium content that will help them even further. This can be in the form of ebooks, whitepapers, demos, videos, comparison charts etc.

Anything that will make their buying decision easier.

7. Show the personal side of your business

As I’m sure you know people buy from people, so let who you are shine through on your website. There is only one business like yours so let everyone see the personal side. Avoid using stock images of people on your website and use real images of real people within your company.

Create a meet the team page and talk about them. Talk about your ‘Why’.

Why are you in business? Why do you offer the products or services that you do? Talk about them and you will attract people who believe in the same as you. These are the best customers you will ever find.

8. Send in the professionals

I know you might think that I’m an inbound marketer so of course I would say this, but the reason I say get professional help is because I want to save you money.

So many businesses I speak to have tried it all PPC, SEO, radio and even TV and nothing seems to get them where they want to be.

You need to draw a line in the sand and follow a path that will reach your sales and marketing goals, don’t chase traffic and keywords.

An Inbound Marketing agency can help you do that. You don’t need another tactic, you need a blueprint for marketing success.


Converting your website visitors may seem difficult but if you create content that talks and is helpful to them and offer them strong calls to actions to tell them what to do next, you will see an increase in leads.

Talk the language of your prospects by discovering what terms and questions they use when searching and show the personal side of your business.

Above all seek some professional guidance as you really can’t do all this yourself and really, do you have the time?

Now it’s your turn

What are the biggest challenges you face when converting visitors into leads? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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