The Top New Hubspot Features and What They Mean for You


It’s become a kind of tradition for HubSpot to launch awesome new tools and features each year to make you just that bit better at marketing – and Inbound 2015 was no different.

In total, HubSpot debuted 10 new features of their popular software this year – but below are the three that I found most interesting.

In this blog post, I’ll be talking you through each one and telling you exactly what they mean for your business.

Ads Add-on


Learning how to get your ads right can be tough, especially as the software isn’t always the most user-intuitive – sometimes you can’t even tell if it’s working.

The good news? Ads just got a hell of a lot easier. Cue the new HubSpot ads add-on! It’s the easy way to create, leverage and measure the ROI of your ads within the familiar platform of HubSpot itself.

This game-changing add-on has already been launched with LinkedIn social adds, but other search and social channels are coming soon. It’s never been a better time to create your own ads and see amazing results.

Monthly Cost: $100

Reporting Add-on


Reporting can become more and more of a challenge as your goals expand along with your business. If you have various members of your team reporting on data from multiple projects at once, things can get messy – which is why HubSpot have introduced their new reporting add-on!

It basically allows everyone on your team to keep track of their own, custom reporting dashboard. You can get started straight away with out-of-the-box reports on things like lead flow, team leaderboards, funnel composition, time-to-close and lots more where that came from.

Monthly Cost: $200

Predictive lead scoring


This is probably my favourite of the new Hubspot features. I was surprised to learn that a staggering 79% of B2B marketers aren’t even undertaking traditional lead scoring – after all, it’s kind of important.

HubSpot’s new predictive lead scoring feature (available at Enterprise level) adds up all the information from numerous sources and generate an automatic lead score purely based on behaviour, email, demographic, social media, and spam detection data.

To put it simply: this new feature actually helps to predict the characteristics of your most promising leads!

What does this mean for you? Well, this data can be passed onto your marketing and sales teams, who can then put more of their focus into higher quality leads and a streamlined sales process.


With so many exciting and innovative new features released every year, HubSpot really have your back. And with great new add-ons such as predictive lead scoring, ads and reporting, getting marketing right has never been easier.

Now you can create and monitor your own ads, customise reporting dashboards for different members of your team, and generate automatic lead scores based on real-time customer data – anyone else excited for what the future could possibly bring?

What do you think of the latest new HubSpot features?


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