How Superwarm increased Their Close by 112% & Increased Customer Trust

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My Final Thoughts

By now, you’re probably getting the message that inbound marketing works best when it’s a team effort.

For me, that usually means that a client is working with me towards the same, set goals - not struggling against me and questioning every decision we make.

The reason why I decided to tell you this story is that if I didn’t, you probably wouldn’t believe what’s possible. And really, I want to help show that, especially in areas such as construction and manufacturing, inbound can really work.

In fact, inbound is a surprisingly good fit for most industries, as you’ll find buyer behaviour is the same across the board.

What I’m trying to say is, at the end of the day, business is business and if your customers are doing research before buying your products, you could benefit from an inbound approach.

Think about John as an example. From something so simple as buying a boiler, 24,000 people are visiting his blog posts every month, and reading about hundreds of topics.

His most popular blog has had over 1,000 visits.

What’s more, we haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s possible.

There were many times along the way where John questioned the content he was writing about, such as ‘Is it really necessary to write about what to do with your pets when getting a boiler installed?’.

Months down the line, he’d discover it was, when one customer had exactly that question and he was able to direct her to the blog.

And with so much content under their belts, Superwarm are now so far in front of the competition with inbound marketing - and continuing to build on that lead - that their competitors will never be able to catch up.

Want to hear the really exciting part?

 I know that could happen for you, too.

“I knew I needed to get double the amount of leads, and I knew people were out there buying boilers, but I just couldn’t seem to engage with customers."

John's side of the story

We couldn’t end this story without including the star of the show himself, John Carmichael.

Here’s what John had to say: “I knew I needed to get double the amount of leads, and I knew people were out there buying boilers, but I just couldn’t seem to engage with customers.

Blanket marketing and paid for ads didn’t seem to be working, so how could I do it? Then I realised that inbound marketing was this great, untapped source.

“I read a blog by Stargazer recommending the top four digital marketers in Edinburgh. I was intrigued by the person who wrote this but did not recommend their own service, so I went straight to Stargazer’s website.

After doing this, I was pretty convinced I wanted to use them.

“After speaking to Kevin and doing some research I did some calculations; as there was no minimum contract, I could trial this for six months to a year.

“I liked Kevin’s approach, transparency and most of all, honesty. He explained I would not see results for at least 4-6 months.

 I was willing to take this calculated gamble, as having discussed Kevin’s experience, I reckoned if things did not work out, I would not lose a tremendous amount of money, however I could gain vastly.

“We’ve now got more than double the amount of work and over double the amount of leads we had this time last year. What we have now is almost like a rolling juggernaut, in that every single day, we know that leads are coming in. Every single day there’s people visiting our website looking for what we’re offering.

“This becomes a bit addictive. Kevin was excited when we got 10,000 visits a month, but we are now over 20,000. It’s not just about visits though, it’s all about leads and new business. We now don’t have to use Google Adwords, and get more leads than we ever have. For the future, sky is the limit, we are only scratching the surface.

“Our goal immediately is to install 10 boilers a week and break the £1m barrier. I can see that by the end of this year.” So, what would John say to anyone else considering inbound marketing?

“Well, I wouldn’t tell anyone in my industry (laughs). Okay, it’s like this:

the market’s changed, the world has changed, and people have now got information at their fingertips.

“Everyone, whether they’re buying a washing machine, double glazing, an extension, or a new kitchen, basically researches all the information online first. Buyers are very, very savvy now, so businesses like mine need a solution that fits. This is what Stargazer has done for me.”

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