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Superwarm Services Success Story

The power of inbound marketing has proven itself yet again, this time with Edinburgh company Superwarm seeing an increase in sales of 187% in just six months.


Case Study

The  Challenge

Superwarm’s John Carmichael first came to Inbound marketing agency Stargazer Digital under a year ago, looking to increase his leads and sales. He initially looked at SEO as a solution, and was also doing PPC, but felt that he’d learned as much as he could by himself. John’s biggest goal was to increase his revenue to £1 million per year, but wasn’t sure how to get there without outside help.


John said: “I knew I needed to get double the amount of leads, and I knew people were out there buying boilers, but I just couldn’t seem to engage with customers. Blanket marketing and paid for ads didn’t seem to be working, so how could I do it? Then I realised that inbound marketing was this great, untapped source.”

the results


Increase in revenue


Increase in leads


Increase in sales

Happy managing director

An Inbound Marketing Strategy that increased website traffic by 900%


Content Marketing

By understanding the questions people had when buying a boiler we were able to attract prospects that were most likely to buy.

Turning web traffic into leads

By creating premium content that visitors wanted to read we were able to use landing pages to turn these strangers into known leads.

Personalised Messaging

By delivering the right content to leads at the right time saw an 80% close rate of opportunities.


Download the Superwarm case study and learn the full story of how home improvement companies can win online


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