Need help generating traffic to your website?

Does your Edinburgh business need to increase revenue?

If the answer to these questions is yes and let face it in most cases it is then a well targeted Google ads campaign may be the answer.

I was recently in the market for a new computer as my windows machine kept freezing and giving me poor performance, which was common for all the computers I have had, as they have all been windows machines.

Finding which was the best computer to buy was a mind field.

Which gave me inspiration to right this post as I can feel your pain when looking for PPC companies, there are so many to choose from.

You have to click on all the different results in Google and even when you have read every word of all the sites you are no further forward.

So I hope this post helps your business find the right Edinburgh agency for your business.

You will find this list helpful if you are thinking about doing PPC or are already doing Google advertising but are unhappy with the results you are getting.

What makes a good PPC company?

There were a few things I was looking for when I conducted my research and the most important one was:

Were they a Google partner?

Being a Google partner with qualified individuals who have passed Google AdWords exams is an important thing to look out for when finding an agency.

This demonstrates that the people who will work on your campaign are trained to a high standard and have a good understanding of how to improve your sales via a paid search campaign.

They also had to be located in the Edinburgh area, have case studies and testimonials on their website.

They also needed to have their main area of expertise in Google AdWords.

To understand how to identify a good Edinburgh agency why not read my post

Does your Edinburgh PPC agency suck?”.

A little about Google partner status

To become a Google partner you need to have people on staff that has passed at least two Google Adwords exams. Everyone has to have passed the foundation exam, which covers basic aspects of AdWords and online marketing.

They also have to complete an exam to specialize in the following areas:

You need to take this into consideration when hiring an agency, as you would not want to hire one that did not specialize in search marketing if you plan to advertise on the Google search engine.

So without any further delay here is my list of the best PPC companies in Edinburgh.


Ambergreen have four qualified members of staff, one in search advertising, two in display and one in video advertising. They also have an impressive client list and have some clear case studies on their website.

Query Click

Is a dedicated PPC agency and currently have one individual qualified in search advertising. They have a very impressive list of clients and have some great case studies. I was also particularly impressed with their website and their message. They seem to talk in terms of results, which is refreshing to see.

Occupancy Marketing

Although Occupancy Marketing are Google partners they don’t as yet have any qualified individuals at the company. I did think they were worth a mentioning though as they display a great message on their website and claim every £1 spent with them will yield a £10 return. They also specialize in the Hotel and travel industry.

Clean Digital

Clean Digital has two qualified individuals both in the search advertising and display advertising. What I really like about this PPC agency is that they are the only ones that I could see that talked about landing pages and offered designing them as a service.

Why is this important? This is important because I believe every PPC advertising campaign should have specifically designed landing pages.

What this basically means to your business is more leads at lower costs.


Stargazer Digital is no way associated with any of the above companies and can’t vouch for the level of service you will receive from them.

Next steps

If you are also looking for lists for SEO companies in Edinburgh then I wrote a list to help you out.

What tips do you have for everyone when looking for a pay per click company?

Or have you partnered with any of the above?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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