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Online Marketing Automation for Smaller Businesses

by | Mar 1, 2013 | Inbound marketing | 0 comments

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julian millsCASE STUDY – How Infusionsoft enables small/medium size businesses to have a powerful, automated online marketing system that until recently only larger rivals with deeper pockets could afford.

I first became involved in online marketing in 2009, previously I was a direct marketer – selling products by direct mail and printed catalogues.

The first online venture I was involved with followed a course that I am sure most start-up and smaller business owners and managers will appreciate.

A client of mine wanted to migrate from offline direct marketing to online marketing. We had a small email list to start with – only 1,200 addresses.

So using a simple and inexpensive email sending platform and PayPal “Buy Now” buttons off we set. Within days we were generating profitable orders and of course we were delighted with the results.

Then came the issue of fulfilling the orders which proved difficult when it required exporting raw data from PayPal and this also made customer service tricky and time consuming. And you could forget the thought of generating any meaningful reports.

Then when we wanted to conduct targeted campaigns to new customers we found we could not because we now had two, separate and unlinked databases – one for orders and one for email addresses.

This is where I see many new and smaller businesses finding themselves. First they create an online shop, then they need to fulfil orders, then they want to use email marketing and maybe affiliate marketing.

But as I had quickly discovered, if you use separate systems and databases that do not “talk” to each other then you quickly get bogged down with IT issues. Often the smaller business does not have an IT department to sort out the “techie” stuff and so the online marketing gets bogged down with technicalities and “stuck in the mud” – and any thoughts of online success soon disappear.

I quickly realised that having separate databases and systems was a recipe for future headaches which I wanted to avoid and so I went looking to find a cost effective solution to automate online sales and marketing activity.

I found the solution by following and observing how the successful internet marketing gurus conducted their marketing – and this was with Infusionsoft.

Then with Infusionsoft at my disposal the world of internet marketing opened up to me. One central, easy to access database and dashboard enabled me to control and automate the whole marketing program.

I am a big fan of reducing manual and repetitive tasks and Infusionsoft does this beautifully as all the modules work synergistically together enabling the sales and marketing system to run largely on autopilot.

Below are just the headline benefits;

Email Marketing – highly targeted, automated sequences. Able to build sophisticated online campaigns that integrate with offline marketing. (none of those basic and limited auto responders that all the other email platforms rely on).

Ecommerce – shopping cart, one page order forms, handle credit card and PayPal payments.

Affiliate Marketing module

Customer Service module

Lead management module

Opportunity identification module

Continuity/ Subscription / Membership program module

Fulfilment management. Digital and physical product fulfilment

Reporting. Comprehensive reporting.

As a result of acquiring Infusionsoft and deploying the email and affiliate marketing tools that were now at my fingertips I took my client from zero online revenue to £500,000 within 6 months.

In addition we generated an email list of over 300,000 records. My next step with Infusionsoft was to develop a subscription membership service which was marketed to the email list and this alone generated a further £100,000 revenue in the first year.

As a result of my experience with Infusionsoft I am now a big fan of this sophisticated application that delivers to smaller companies the kind of marketing clout that till recently only large companies with multi million pound budgets could afford.

Julian Mills works with a variety of clients to generate sales by managing their online marketing activities with Infusionsoft. For more information visit Julian’ s website.

(Please note that Julian Mills does not receive any commission or other compensation from Infusionsoft.)


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