My Competitors are Above me in Google

When you do a search on Google using your important keywords, do you keep seeing your competitors instead of your business? Are you wondering why?

Without knowing your business it is hard for me to see exactly why they are ahead of you.

The good news however is that these keywords may not be the ones that actually drive leads and sales and your competitors probably don’t even know this.

Why are high rankings important to you?

Being on top of Google is not as great as you may think, it’s more about the traffic you are receiving and converting into leads and sales. If it isn’t then more traffic won’t solve your problem. More leads and sales will.

Also the results you see on Google could be totally different from what anyone else sees. Google tries to personalise search results depending on your previous behaviour.

So you see, rankings are totally overrated and are not indicative of success.

Just because your competitor is above you doesn’t mean they are being successful.

People don’t search for keywords or even services, they are searching for answers to their questions. More times than not when your prospects carry out a search they are actually looking for an answer to a particular question. When they are greeted with websites that just talk about products and services they quickly leave.

This is where you can overtake your competitors in search by answering your prospects most asked questions and build trust with them.

Google wants this too, they don’t want people to be unsuccessful with their searches as this would mean people will stop using Google and use another search engine instead.

So if you can answer your prospects questions you are actually helping Google to give people the content they are looking for. Which means they are more likely to show you in a Google result than your competitors.

Do you need SEO?

SEO is great but you may want to think about what happens next. What I mean by this is that SEO is great at bringing you traffic but what happens to that traffic once it arrives? You need to turn that traffic into sales and SEO alone cannot do that.

If you are experiencing this issue then perhaps Inbound Marketing can help you to get more leads and sales.

Inbound Marketing can help you to attract, convert and close more sales.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you move away from rankings on Google and learn how Inbound Marketing can help you then get in touch.

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