Old computer console It’s not hard to understand why many companies struggle in their marketing efforts. In theory, the concept is simple: reach out to as many people as possible in your target demographic and build your sales or customer base by nurturing strong leads. In practice, getting the results you want can be quite challenging.It takes time, effort and a particular communicative savviness to find a way to reach out to the right people, separate good leads from bad and turn those leads into new business.

When it comes to marketing endeavours, small companies are the most likely to suffer. Marketing often requires extensive human capital, something smaller businesses may not be able to spare when there are clients to attend to and products to make. In order to be truly effective, companies need to find a way to cut costs without harming successful marketing approaches.

For the companies who have a solid marketing process in place to attract business and generate new leads, the problem may be derived from the time and money an effective marketing campaign can require. In this situation, reducing the workload placed on your marketing team can be the best way to there is provide the most time for your team to follow up on leads and address other business needs.

Marketing automation tools

Your company needs to cut back on the time and effort marketing consumes without increasing costs or labour. Marketing automation tools can be used by your marketing team which theycan use to automate the baseline processes in an effective, efficient way. It seeks to target the core steps in your strategy and personalises them in a way that requires little to no human capital involvement.

With the bulk of the menial work required to establish leads being handled by an expertly organized outside platform like Hubspot, a service used by over 9,000 marketers and teams, your company will have the time it needs to evaluate leads and strategise the best ways to follow up. According to Gleanster Research, 50% of leads have potential but are not yet ready to buy. Focusing energy on turning those prospectives into positives is a necessity.

Marketing automation goes beyond simply managing emails or the other distribution of other information. In essence, the automated marketing is a full service data promoting, collecting and analysing process intended to provide the best information possible to help your marketing team zero in on the most likely new business. Some of the ways in which marketing automation can assist your business include:

In essence, most of the day to day marketing work, like reaching out to clients, investigating the strength of a lead or managing the data you receive from clients, web traffic and other sources, can be handled by marketing automaion.

Does Marketing Automation Work?

While controlling and personalising your marketing endeavours is most effective with a clear strategy in place, the short answer is yes, marketing automation can be the change your company needs to stay neck in neck with the competition. By allowing a platform to manage simple yet time consuming tasks, you will have the ability to enrich the services your company provides and intensify the most important part of your daily processes. According to a study by Gartner Research, businesses that automate lead management often see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in less than a year.

Many companies who are comfortable with their marketing efforts and success rates may not be looking for change. However, change should be a continuous process. As your company grows and develops, your marketing strategies should also. Marketing automation will allow you to keep core processes in place while giving your team the freedom to devote time to what really matters.

No matter what kind of company you have and what your marketing ambitions may be, using marketing automation tools is an essential way to reduce time, maintain costs and build leads. This allows your marketing team to focus on turning leads into sales and coming up with new strategies rather than becoming bogged down by mundane tasks. To get ahead and stay ahead, the possibilities offered by marketing automation are boundless. Are you ready to see what it can do for you?

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