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As a solicitor you will know that finding the time for marketing is one of your biggest challenges, I hear it all the time from our clients and prospects.

Some solicitors use legal marketing services that involve no interaction at all. Some SEO companies may build you some links, write a few articles for your blog and all you need to do is spend an hour with them every month to go over the report.

If this scenario sounds familiar then you need to get out of it right now.

You cannot have an effective marketing campaign without collaboration.

“Collaboration not isolation”
[pullquote style=”right”]Fifty-four percent of firms reported more than a 10% increase in turnover also reported that they had invested in new technology.[/pullquote] With inbound marketing I will show you how you can have both a great marketing campaign plus time to spend doing the things that matter to you.

This involves you adopting the new age of marketing and adopting new technology. Fifty-four percent of firms reported more than a 10% increase in turnover also reported that they had invested in new technology.

You can’t do it on your own

I know you might want to, but you just can’t do it alone.  Unless you have a marketing team you just don’t have the time and know how to do successful marketing.

This is why you need to hire an inbound marketing company that can help you.

They will gain an understanding of your marketing goals and the challenges you are facing to reach these goals.

They can then talk to you about how they can create a roadmap for success.

Great marketing is collaboration between you and your agency;  you need to work with your agency so that they understand your business inside out. You need to communicate with them in a timely manner so they can move your marketing forward and get the results you desire.

There is no such thing as marketing on autopilot.  At the heart of  successful inbound marketing is content and you cannot just leave it to the agency to create and post content on your website unchecked.

This would be a recipe for disaster.

The time investment reality

The good news is that most of the time needed for your marketing to be successful is down to your inbound marketing agency.

But not all.

I would recommend that you need to spend at least 10 hours per month collaborating with your agency, reviewing content and working on your social media accounts.

This means you only need to spend 30 minutes per day on your marketing and there is no reason why you won’t see 10-50% increase in business over a 12 month period.

That’s not bad for a 120 hour investment.

Some of the things you need to be spending your time on are:

These are just some of the tasks that will be required for you and your agency to create awesome marketing campaigns in a timely manner.


With an estimated 39% of firms having problems responding to competition from other solicitors it is time you put more time into your marketing.[pullquote style=”right”]39% of firms having problems responding to competition from other solicitors.[/pullquote]

You can’t do it alone.  Speak to an inbound marketing agency, tell them what your marketing goals and challenges are and they will come up with a solid plan to achieve those goals.

An investment of around £2,000 per month and 12 hours of your time can see a legal firm grow their business by 10-50% in a year.

98% of solicitors have experienced decreases in fee income over the past three years

Isn’t it time you were the 2% that didn’t?

Now it’s your turn

What holds your legal firm back from winning with its marketing? I would love to discuss this with you in the comments below.

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