I’m getting leads but they are of poor quality

Are you or your Sales team wasting time on leads that are just not ready to buy? This can be a common problem with businesses today, especially if their leads are coming from online. The problem arises because many business websites only have one touch point, “contact us” or “get a quote” are two popular ones that we see.

This is a problem because if all you provide potential customers with is a bottom of the sales funnel offer or call-to-action then even when they are not actually ready to buy they may still use these touch points as you are not offering them any others.

The outcome of this is that you or your Sales teams waste their time contacting people who are not ready to buy. Another challenge that this brings is that once you have established that they are not ready what do you do? Just because they are not ready today doesn’t mean that they may not be ready next week or next month.

If you don’t nurture these visitors then you may lose out on a sale. Would it not be better all round if you only spoke to prospects who were ready to buy?

How to obtain higher quality leads from your website

If you are experiencing any of the problems above then perhaps you should consider Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing can help you attract the right kind of people to your website who are most likely to buy and nurture them to a point of being contacted by Sales.

Inbound can nurture your prospects at every stage of the buyers journey and allow you to only contact them when they are ready to buy. This has shown to not only be a massive time saver but also result in more leads turning into actual sales.

Why? Because your Sales teams are only contacting people who are ready to buy and have shown an interest in your product or service. This would not only eliminate cold calling but would mean you can concentrate on people who are most interested in your solutions to their problems.

If you would like to learn more about how Inbound Marketing can help you get higher quality leads from your website then get in touch with one of our Inbound Marketing consultants below.

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