I don’t think I have the budget for Inbound Marketing

Do you think the cost of Inbound Marketing is out of your reach? Costs are very important and perhaps you have never considered a budget of the size that Inbound requires. The goals of many of the businesses we help are revenue growth and in most cases this revenue growth is in the region of £1 – 5,000,000 which in some cases can be a 50% increase in annual revenue.

How much is growing your business by 50% in a year worth to you, £10,000, £20,000? Inbound Marketing requires a yearly investment from around £30,000. If you have a £1,000,000 growth problem, a £10,000 a year budget is simply not going to solve it.

The value of Inbound Marketing

Costs are relative to the value it can bring and if the Inbound investment achieves your business growth then these costs are then seen as reasonable. If we told you the cost is £30,000 for your Inbound Marketing you may think it was expensive.

However if we said we can potentially generate another £1,000,000 in revenue for you and demonstrate the value that Inbound can bring to your business this cost now wont seem so high.

When you definitely don’t have budget for Inbound

We like to be very transparent here at Stargazer and we understand that Inbound Marketing is not for everyone. The yearly costs for Inbound Marketing start at around £30,000 and if this number is a large percentage of your annual revenue then perhaps Inbound is not for you.

The best thing to do would be to request a free strategy session where we can analyse your challenges, goals, budget and timeline for success. We can then examine the costs and see how viable Inbound would be for your business. If you are considering Inbound then I’m sure, like your potential customers, you will have many questions. In our experience the blog posts below help answer the important questions our clients have in relation to the costs of Inbound Marketing.

If you would like to discuss how Inbound Marketing can help your business grow why not get in touch with one of our Inbound Marketing consultants below.

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