I Can’t Generate Enough Sales from Referrals

Yep for sure this is one of the most common problems that we hear.

The great thing about referrals is that if you are getting them then it means you are providing value to the people you do business with or otherwise why would they refer you?

The challenge with referrals is that although they are great, they can’t grow your business fast enough or they may not be generating the revenue you need.

Some of your best customers may not be referring you and sometimes you may even need to ask for them.

I’m sure that’s something you don’t like doing or want to have to depend on.

Although there is always a place in your business for referrals it doesn’t have to be the main way you generate your business.

So how can you grow beyond referrals?

These days if you are not using your website to generate leads and sales you must be crazy. I know this can be a daunting task but don’t let that stop you getting started with online lead generation.

Many business websites we see are merely just online brochures that are used to send referred business’ to see their work and case studies. Are you guilty of this?

People these days want to research solutions themselves and get really turned off by websites that just sell.

They are looking for content that helps them decide, they want to make their own mind up who they want to use.

So the businesses that provide helpful content that answers their questions are the ones that are attracting the right people to their website. These are the ones they want to have a conversation with.

How can answering questions allow me to move beyond referrals?

By creating content that answers questions you are building trust. Everyone wants to do business with people they trust.

Sales copy won’t build trust, as people contact you when they are further down the buying process than they used to and if you don’t provide this content they won’t be attracted to you.

This also lets you show everyone that you are the authority in your industry as you are the one answering the important questions that are being asked.

If you are experiencing some of the challenges above then maybe you should consider inbound marketing as a solution to moving beyond referrals.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your business move beyond referrals and use your website as a way to grow your business then please get in touch below.

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