One of the most important questions businesses ask Stargazer is how do they provide a clear message to their clients about what they do.

This is a fantastic question and I understand how you feel as it can be difficult to explain things in simple terms on subjects that you are knowledgeable about.

The curse of knowledge, can be a right pain sometimes.

I created this article to put down my thoughts and what I have learned with helping many business with their websites.

As people will be looking at your website to understand what it is you do, I am going to show you how you can make it super easy for people to understand what it is you do on your website using the A.I.D.A.S. method.

If you follow this method below when writing every page on your website you will not only make it super easy for people to understand, it will also lead to them contacting you.

A is for Attention

Never underestimate the power of a great attention grabbing headline on your page. DId you know, according to copyblogger,  80% of your visitors will read your headline – but only 20% will go on to finish the article.

Wow, that is a lot of lost people. Thanks for staying with me 20% 🙂

Create your attention grabbing headline by making sure that it is short and snappy and gives a clear benefit that people will get from reading your page, in simple language that everyone can understand.

I is for interest

Of the 1,000s of pages I have seen most only talk about the company and the service. They speak all about themselves and speak in tech speak that only they can understand.

A rule of thumb is alway write for the lowest common denominator. Some say “yes, but our audience is more technical and they will understand it.”

That maybe, but let’s not take the risk, if you write so everyone can understand then there is no room for confusion.

Albert Einstein once said: “ If you can’t explain it to a 6 year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

Before you start explaining anything you first must get their interest.

You do this by talking about the challenges they have that relate to your services. Your aim here is to get them to be nodding their head and saying “ these people really get me, they understand what I am going through.”

You do this by really understanding your clients.

D is for Desire

Now that you have their interest the next thing you need to do is get them to desire what it is you are offering and you can do this by talking about, in simple terms, how your product or service solves their problems or improves their lives.

People won’t buy it unless they desire it or understand it is going to help them.

A is also for Action

This is the step where many businesses fall flat. You have worked so hard to get their attention, interest and desire and many just leave them hanging.

Tell them what to do next.

This could be a link for a free sample, consultation or a demo.

Don’t leave them hanging.

S is for Satisfaction

This part doesn’t really happen on the page but is an important step. Once they contact you make sure they are satisfied with their purchase as this is the most important step of all.


To provide a clear message to your customers to what it is you do then follow the formula above and this will get them to understand your product/services better than just talking about what it is.

Create an attention grabbing headline followed by content that relates to their problems.

Empathize with them.

Get their interest by talking about how your solution solves their problems.

Create a call-to-action to tell them what to do next, don’t leave them hanging bro!

And finally and most importantly leave them feeling awesome!

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