Are you looking for ways to generate more income from your website?

If you’re anything like most of my clients, you probably want to help attract more leads and sales so you can grow your business, and you know what can really help you do that? Your website!

However, not everyone knows how to tap into this potential goldmine that they could already be sitting on, and so their website goes on under-performing while they struggle to get more business in other ways.

If you’re feeling like you might be stuck in a rut like the one above, I’m here to help explain how your website could actually be your best salesperson.

Below, I’m going to talk you through how to generate a successful income stream from your website, but first, let’s talk about why your website might be under-performing…

Where most websites go wrong

The problem with a lot of websites is that they simply don’t generate a lot of income, simply because of the way they’re set up. Most businesses look at their website as simply a virtual showroom – place to showcase their products or services, and talk about how great their company is or how long they’ve been in business.

This is your first mistake; when visitors arrive on your website, they’re actually looking for solutions to their problems – this is all they really care about, NOT how many servicing awards you’ve won. So, they take a look around, see what services are on offer, and having not really found why your solution will help them, they leave.

But, what if you could do things differently?

How it should really work

If you were to set up your website to talk about the challenges your customers face, and fill it with helpful, valuable content that answers their questions, you could guide them through a lot of the sales process before they even pick up the phone.

This is called the inbound marketing approach.

And you know what’s so great about your website? It’s there and working 24/7 (at least, it should be!) which means that unlike you or your sales team, it’s always there when your customers need it.

The best part is that it’s not even that difficult to set up what I like to call your ‘sales engine’ – in fact, you can get started today!

A powerful sales engine

If you really want to set your website up for success and start seeing better results when it comes to generating sales, what you need is an automated process to do a lot of the hard work for you. So, instead of spending your time chasing your next customer, you can focus on growing the business.

This is especially important if you’re running a small business without a dedicated sales team – as your website will be doubly important for generating you a reliable income stream.

So, when your customers reach your website, you can help guide them through their buyer’s journey by:

  1. Creating helpful content that answers their questions
  2. Nurturing them with email marketing
  3. Promoting your content on social media
  4. Drive traffic with Google Ads and Google retargeting

For more information, read my blog post ‘How to Turn Your Website into a Powerful Sales Engine’.


If your website is under-performing and not generating you as many leads and sales as you need to grow your business, you could be stuck in a rut. Your website is potentially your best salesperson, so it’s time to tap into that goldmine and unlock the income stream you could be generating today!

By providing helpful, valuable content that helps to guide your visitors through most of the sales process for you, you’ll find that your website can soon be generating a reliable income stream – leaving you to focus on the important things. Which is particularly important if you’re a small business!

Good luck!

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