If you own a home improvement company, then I’m sure you’ve probably tried or are currently using Google ads to help promote your business.

I’m also sure you know this can be a good way to get buying customers to your site – but God, it can be expensive.

In my 15 years’ experience in conducting Google ads campaigns for the home services industry, I wanted to list the five most common mistakes I’ve seen over the years and the way to fix them. 

1.Showing your ads in places they shouldn’t beIn fact, if you follow these tips below, I think you could easily reduce your Google ad spend by 100% – and most of these tips can be done in less than five minutes.

As default when you create your campaigns in ‘networks’ under the campaign settings menu you will see the below setting.


You need to make sure that “include in search partners” is not ticked. This is because your ads will also show on websites like sky.com which are less relevant than Google.

This means you’ll have a lot more impressions that don’t result in a click, thus reducing your CTR (click-through rate) which in turn will mean you’ll pay a lot more for each click to your website.

2.Running too many or too few ads

Typically, I see a lot of companies using too many ads in one adgroup, or even worse, they only ever create one ad.

You should always have two ads showing, because Google ads is all about testing what works and improving the text of your ads so more people click on them.

The more people click on your ads the less you will pay. More on this below.

3.Not optimising your ads

Always create two ads that compete with each other. Then, once you’re sure one is better, delete the loser and create a new ad to compete with the winner.

Doing this will mean your ads will get better over time and this can result in a massive reduction in costs.

The exception to this rule is when you have ads that have high conversion rates, and splitting the ads could potentially see a big reduction in conversions.

When this is the case, what to do instead is create three identical ads that are converting and then create a forth to compete with the three.

This will mean you’ll limit the exposure of a potentially poor ad.

By optimising your ads you will reduce the amount you pay for each click, and increase your quality score.

4.Using too broad keywords

Many businesses see the search volume of a keyword and think that higher is better, however what you really are looking for is relevancy not volume.

Instead of setting keywords to broad match, change them all to “phrase match” right now.

This will instantly save you money.

5.Not using negative keywords

Negative keywords are the forgotten keywords, but they are so important to saving money with Google ads.

If you don’t use them, you could be paying for click that’ll bring people to your website who are not ready to buy or perhaps not even looking for what you sell.

If for example, you sell conservatories but don’t sell wooden conservatories, then you would want to use the word “wooden” as a negative keyword.

According to Google, nearly 500 people a month are using their service to search for a wooden conservatory.

Next steps

When it comes to advertising your home improvement business on Google, it can be easy to get carried away and spend a lot of money, fast.

If you follow the above tips you could easily save £100s when using Google to advertise your business. For more tips on saving money on your Google ads, why not download the complete guide below.

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