edinburgh-websitesHow do you attract the right kind of people to your website?

Is your Edinburgh business struggling to attract the right kind of people?

How do you do this?

Well, you create content that answers your questions that your customers have.

When a prospect first begins to research your services online, they begin with typing a question into a search engine.

Around 81% of all purchasing decisions start with a search on services such as Google.

By creating a blog on your website and answering the questions, you will show up in the search results for these questions.

This will then help you to become a thought leader within your industry. If your blog is full of helpful content on the topics and questions your buyer personas are asking (a buyer persona is a semi fictional representation of your idea buyer) then this will attract the right kind of people to your website.

How do you know what questions they are asking?

This is a great question which I often get asked and the answer is very simple, you already know the answers.

Sit down with your sales team and brainstorm questions that you all hear every day. These are the questions your prospects are searching for so be helpful and answer them.

You will be amazed at how many questions you can come up with in these brainstorming sessions and these questions will form the topics of your blog content.

Read through your previous emails and look for questions your clients have asked you, these can also be great topics.

You can also share your blog content on the social media websites that your buyer personas hangout on and drive relevant traffic to your website.  You don’t want just any traffic to our site you want the right kind of traffic. You want to attract the people who are most likely to become customers.

Understanding their language 

To attract the right kind of people we must speak their language. Use the keywords they use to search and describe your products or services in your content, this will attract the right kind of people and also help your content to show up when your prospects search for your products or services.

Key take aways

In todays digital world we have to sell more by talking about our products and services less. The hard truth is our customers don’t care that much about our products or services, they care about themselves and what can help them to solve their problems.

As an Edinburgh business you need to create content that helps, educates and even entertains your prospects. This in turn will see them using your business not because you talk about your products or services but because you helped them with their buying decisions.

By creating content that talks about your products or services you are attracting people who are ready to buy from you.

But what about the 99% that aren’t?

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Now it’s your turn

I need your help with this one.

As a business owner in Edinburgh, what challenges do you face attracting the right kind of people to your website?

Source: Around 81% of all purchasing decisions start with a search

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