Many businesses approach me here at Stargazer and ask how their business can get recognition in a busy marketplace.

Of course this is a very important question, and I know it can seem daunting when you work in an industry that is crowded. Getting your voice heard above all the noise can be difficult.

As I have worked with hundreds of businesses who share this problem, I thought I would write this article today to help you understand ways you can get your head above the noise and be heard.

Dare to be different

Let’s think of this from your customers point of view for a minute: they are searching online to a solution to their particular problem.

This is how your customers start on the road to your door. They rarely start with searching for products and services. They first start by searching for answers to their questions.

So the question is where do they get the answers?

Let’s try a little exercise here to see how you can take advantage of this.

Think of 5 questions that your customers ask you every single day.

Now, do a search on google for these questions and see what comes up. Are these questions being answered and answered well?

I am willing to bet that they are not. This is where you can be different and get your customers onto your website reading your content.

Are all your competitors doing the same?

Let’s go back to your customers again for a second. If your industry is crowded how do they decide who is the best company to help solve their problems?

I am pretty confident that if you take a look at your competitors all they talk about is me, me, me and not really a lot about the customer and what questions, fears and problems they have.

By making your website about them this will stand out and build trust with them because without trust they won’t buy.  Without you disarming their fears they won’t buy from you.

Offer awesome customer service

This is the most important one of all and if you do nothing else do this.

Offer an awesome service!

When people leave your store or use your services they should feel warm and happy. They should feel that you care about them and that you are putting their interests above your profits.

So do this and you will surely stand out in any industry.

Okay good, but what are my next steps?

It is all well and good talking about what you should do but I am big on giving you actionable information that you can do today to improve your business.

So what I want you to do today is:

Arrange a meeting with your whole team to discuss the questions you hear everyday and start answering these questions on your blog openly and transparently.

Getting everyone’s buy in on this can be difficult and even me getting your buy in is difficult because I know reading one blog post may not convince you to change.

You must first understand the value in this so please do some research on this subject so you get a good understanding on the value, then get your team involved.


In a crowded industry it can be hard to get yourself heard. You may offer better services than all the rest, but it is just getting people to know this which is the hard part.

Start by creating content that matters most to your customers and create a website that focuses on their needs and fears.

Good luck!

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