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As we all know, these days SEO is big business, every brand and company is out there fighting for online visibility. The growth of companies setting up shop only online has reached new heights which has further increased online competition.

However, if you’re new to the world of online marketing then quite often one of the first questions you’ll be asking yourself is ‘how can my business benefit from SEO?.

What is SEO?

Well firstly, let’s take a step back and explain exactly what SEO is. Search engine optimisation is a way of improving your website in order to help increase the number of visitors your site gets from search engines.

There are a whole host of factors which play a part in improving your websites visibility, (from URL structures to unique content) but by optimising all these elements it will enable your site to rank better in the search engines.

Nevertheless, search engines (like Google) are constantly changing their algorithm, meaning your site needs to always adapt to cater for these changes.

Why do I need SEO?

Most web traffic that your site is likely to receive will be from a major search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. That’s not to say you can’t receive traffic from other sources, for example social media is also capable of delivering traffic to your site too.

However, the primary source of visitors to your site will be from a search engine as these are what internet users perform searches on. Search engines will bring targeted traffic to your site as they deliver results based on what people are looking for.

These targeted visitors to your site can provide you with a whole host of additional exposure and revenue. By investing in SEO you’ll receive a much greater return on investment that other types of promotion.

What are the benefits of SEO?

1.  Improved SEO rankings

By implementing an SEO campaign your site will be positioned much higher in the search results. Therefore, when potential customers are searching for your services they’ll be more likely to find you.

2. Long term positioning

SEO will also ensure that as your rankings for your key terms increase you’ll have the peace of mind that consumers will always be able to find you thanks to your improved online presence.

3.Increase brand awareness

If no-one has heard of your company it can be difficult to claim that what you offer is the best around. You need to work hard to make consumers aware of your company; it might not lead to initial sales but in the long run will provide you with extra revenue.

The more customers see your brand within the top pages of search engines the more familiar they will become with your business which will increase your brand recognition.

Online consumers will often assume that the top sites in search engines offer the best products and services; by featuring in these places you’ll be capturing these customers.

Furthermore, by establishing links on other websites you’ll be increasing the amount of mentions and buzz about your brand. Things like product reviews can help to cement your quality of service.

4.       Low cost but high ROI

Quite often search engine marketing is a low cost activity for your business when compared to the likes of types of marketing such as advertising. The cost of a campaign depends on your own personal budget but it will certainly be cheaper than a PPC campaign and much cheaper over time.

5.       Increased targeted traffic means more revenue

If your website is ranking higher for related search terms then this will mean users are more likely to click onto your site. Traffic is the in-between stage after your rankings & awareness have improved the next step is increased traffic and finally more sales.

Increase revenues will come thanks to your site receiving heightened exposure 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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