So, I know it’s a bit selfish and all but you know that cosy, warm feeling that you get inside when you’ve helped someone? That feeling that puts a spring in your step? Well, that’s the feeling I get everyday. That’s why I’m in this job.

It’s great when someone contacts me after reading one of my articles and explains how it helped them with their problem and it’s even better when I can offer to help them further.

In a continually evolving digital world it can be quite daunting when searching online for the perfect product or service, everyone needs a little help. That’s where you come in.

It’s not all about getting more sales, that’ll come naturally, but for now, start answering questions. Ask your employees about the main questions that people are asking them everyday…..answer them.

That’s right, write a blog post addressing the problem, people are looking to you for help, if they get that help, they’ll come back again and again.

Let’s build trusting relationships, be a company that people can really rely on.

Be really happy to help!

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