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Automated email messages average 75% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates, than business-as-usual marketing messages*

Do you have an email list just sitting around doing nothing? Perhaps you’ve bought one and sent out various offers and sales emails, only to achieve very poor results.

Email marketing is a power tool to have in your marketing strategy – if it’s done right.

Not only is it a great way to attract customers, it also keeps current clients happy, with helpful content and updates on your latest products, services and offers.

It’s also a very cost-effective way of reaching out to your customers, and can yield higher conversion rates compared to other online strategies.

Why should you use email marketing?

  • It’s a cost-effective strategy
  • It can lead to higher conversion rates
  • You can keep your customers informed
  • It can reduce overhead costs
  • You can personalise your messaging

Stargazer knows that this is not where it ends, as your email marketing techniques can become more refined over time with in-depth analysis to monitor your campaigns.

This will allow us to devise email marketing strategies that not only deliver a high impact message, they’ll also be optimised for greater results.

Because we’re the first to admit, we can all be better at what we do!

*Source: Campaign Monitor

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