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Google search and shopping ads for Ecommerce brands.

Our approach is unique in that we conduct a profitability analysis before we begin and extensively research your competitors before we even write one ad.

Breaking down the process

Profitability analysis - FREE

Many agencies adopt a try it and see strategy when it comes to Google Ads. The results of the portability Analysis will tell us how much revenue you can expect to generate from your Ads. No guesswork, just a dependable outline of results. Google Ads isn’t a good fit for everyone, and this analysis will tell us if Google Ads is the best strategy for you.

Competitor audit map

Before we even write a single Ad, we need to understand your competitors. We need to know how they are selling similar products, what content they have on their landing pages. We want to know what works what’s currently working so we can emulate their success.

Customer Language map

To create ads that sell, we need to understand the language your customers use. What is the language they use to describe your product and the problems they solve? A language map is one of the most important stages that give us a plan on what to say in your ads.


250k monthly organic visits


Keyword research

We will research the keywords that are actively driving sales from Google, and we will use these keywords as a launchpad to creating your ad campaigns.

Campaign audit

Suppose you are currently using Google ads to promote your ecommerce business. In that case, we will conduct a complete Ads audit to identify what’s working and what’s not and uncover any quick ways to increase sales and decrease costs.

Campaign Creation

Once we understand your competitors and your customers, it is now time to build your campaign. Within 72 hours, we will conduct our first test run of your ads.

Monthly maintenance

Once your campaign is live and working well, we then turn our attention to optimising your Ads to deliver more sales at the lowest possible price within costs that are profitable to you.

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