edinburgh-internet-marketingAre you attracting the right people?

Do you know who visits your website?

As an Edinburgh business you need to know who is visiting your website and why.

If you don’t know, then how can you create content that talks to them?

How can you speak to them on a personal level and address their pain points?

By knowing all of these things you can really help to improve your bottom line. In this article I aim to explain the three types of people who are visiting your website right now and why you need to know who they are.

When you do digital marketing, are you getting feedback as to who it is that visits your website and why?

By being able to answer these questions your digital marketing will be far more successful. See below to help you understand who is visiting your website.


Awareness- Just Looking

An awareness qualified lead is someone who is at the top of your sales funnel and has downloaded one of your whitepapers or eBooks. These leads have not yet given permission to be marketed to and will need nurturing to become a consideration qualified lead.

Consideration – Weighing up their options

A consideration qualified lead is someone who has shown an interest in your company specifically and has requested your content on how you solve their problems. A guide on ‘what to expect when working with us’  would be a good consideration qualified offer. Content that you use to nurture them into a sales qualified lead with be about how your business solves their problems.

Decision – Ready to Buy!

A sales qualified lead is someone who has asked to be contacted by sales, these leads may have requested a free quote, consultation or demo and your nurturing programmes should be tailored for them to reach this goal.

Only 27% of leads sent to sales are qualified so nurturing your leads and only sending the sales qualified ones to sales will have a profound impact. Your sales team are going to save a massive amount of time by only speaking to prospects who have already shown an interest in your company.

If you are using a customer relationship management software (CRM), you can send sales ready leads to your CRM so your sales team can gain great insight about a lead before they make contact.

You will be able to see how many times they have visited your website, which pages they visited, which content they have downloaded and much more.

When sales do contact these leads they are already expecting your call and know a lot about your company as you are the ones that have consistently helped them through their buying decision, which already gives you an advantage over your competitors.

How do you identify your visitors?

Google Analytics is great at telling you the number of people who visited your website and what percentage did what. However it won’t tell you their names, why they visited and what problems they were looking solutions too.

Creating content that answers your most common sales questions will attract these people and by creating helpful eBooks and whitepapers you can create landing pages to help identify who they are, why they are visiting and what problems they have.

You can then use targeted email campaigns to personalise your message and help them with their specific needs.

It is these people who will turn into your best customers.

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Key take aways

By understanding who is visiting your website and why, you gain a better understanding of the buyer’s journey and what problems they have. This means you can create content to help these people. When these people are ready to buy they will return to do business with the trusted authority that helped them.

Now it’s your turn

What I would like to understand, and require your help with, is how do you measure who visits your website and how does that effect the way you do digital marketing for your Edinburgh business?

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