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Digital Marketing Workshops

Improve your marketing talent and accelerate your business success all from the comfort of your own office

Would you like us to come to you? Training your staff can be hard and time consuming, not to mention expensive. You want them to know the latest strategies, tools and insights in sales and marketing to help to move your business forward and improve your bottom line. But where do you start? Stargazer builds custom interactive digital marketing workshops around your requirements. They can be full day, half day or even a remote series of webinars if getting your staff together is difficult.  

Example workshop

Every workshop we do is customized to your business goals, however here is an example of a workshop that has proven very popular.

Website assessment

Is your website performing? We can analyze your current website and show you where you are going wrong. We will provide you will actionable steps that will increase leads and sales for your business.

Buyer persona building

A Buyer persona is an important part of any businesses marketing plan. We teach you what a buyer persona is and how you can use them effectively in marketing your business. We will sit down with you and your team and create a real live working persona for you to use in your business.

Content marketing strategy

We will analyse your current content marketing to assess its effect on ROI. We will create a real 4 month content marketing blueprint with you and your marketing team that will give you a working plan for success.

Content creation guidelines

We will teach you and your team the best practices for creating content. How to write a blog post that gets read and how to use content to create thought leadership and authority. We will show you how you can use content to drive leads and sales for your business.

Email marketing

Many business don’t have trouble getting leads, it’s converting them into customers that they have trouble with. We will show you how to effectively use email marketing to turn a website visitor into a paying customer.

Social media

Learn how your business can effectively leverage social media to increase revenue and delight customers. We will show you how to set up your social media profiles and engage with your target market. We will show you how to respond to negative comments and how to use social media to create happy customers and brand advocates. We will help you to create a social media policy.

Google AdWords

Is your business using Google AdWords or thinking of using it? We can teach your teams how to create effective Google AdWords campaigns that drive traffic and sales to your website. We will show you best practices and teach you how to manage your campaign quickly and effectively

Sales and marketing alignment

For effective selling, your marketing and sales team need to be aligned. Do your marketing and sales teams feel that they are in competition with each other? We will show you how to align the expectations of these two teams and create a sales and marketing service level agreement to help both teams be more productive. For more information just fill in the form below.

Learn How to Reach Your Customers Online

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