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Customer Centric Web Design

Challenging the status quo of web design to the benefit of growing businesses.

Do you have a great idea of how your new website will look and what it will say?

Are you now looking for a web design firm that can turn your vision into reality?

I would like to challenge your thinking of what your website should be and help educate you on what it takes to create a website that is not only stunning to look at and easy to use but above all creates more sales for your business.

When I first meet with B2B businesses they tell me that their challenges are that they are not getting enough traffic to their website or the traffic they do get is not turning into leads and sales.

They may have an old dated website or feel it doesn’t correctly convey their business.

If you are experiencing any of the challenges above then maybe you should consider a customer centric design.

What is customer centric web design?

This is where I would like to challenge your idea of what your website should be.

It takes more than a beautifully designed website to convert people into leads.

It’s not about you or even about your website, it’s about your customers.

The web site is for them therefore it should be about them.

It’s about solving your customers problems through the products and services you offer, optimised to attract your ideal buyer. Support your sales process and speak the buyers language.

It needs to be all about them

You have an idea of what makes a good website and so does your web design company but why not let the most important people in all of this – your customers – decide?

By surveying your best customers and understanding what their challenges were when they first looked for your solutions and understanding what is important to them, we can create a content strategy that addresses these challenges and answers their most asked questions.

This content first approach will dictate the design of the website. The design will be built around this customer focused content.

This way you will turn your website into your best salesperson.

What happens when you do this?

Doing this will give you a stunning design that talks your customers language and helps solve their problems. It will be easy to navigate and the content will be created based on the problems and challenges of your real customers. This will result is a website that converts more visitors into leads and sales. If you are considering a customer centric web design and want to increase sales and leads for your business then why not get in touch with us below so that we can understand your challenges.

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