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Conversion Optimisation

Only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rate. – eConsultancy*

Your website is the most important piece of your online puzzle, and it can become your best salesperson; unfortunately, it’s almost never optimised to its full potential.

There’s no point in spending a chunk of your budget on great PPC, SEO and an amazing content strategy, only for your customers to reach your website and leave without converting.

In simple terms, if five people come to your website and you make one sale, that’s a 20% conversion rate. Conversion optimisation is essentially increasing that 20%, so for every five people that come to your website, you’d make three sales instead of one.

Therefore, you’re increasing your sales without increasing your website visitors.

Removing the roadblocks your customers face makes for a more pleasant experience, and will lead to increased conversions and repeat business.

Why should you care about optimisation?

  • It’s more cost effective than increasing traffic
  • It can increase your conversion rates
  • It reduces cost per lead
  • You’ll be left with happier customers
  • You’ll benefit from increased repeat business

As part of Stargazer’s initial research, we will analyse your website with scientific-like precision and uncover where your conversion rate can be improved. We’ll also advise on some quick gains that can be very easy to implement, thus increasing your profits.

But we won’t stop there; by making your website copy and design more persuasive, there’ll be no limit to what you can achieve.

Check out our revenue calculator to find out more about how conversion optimisation could help your business grow.

*Source: eConsultancy

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