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Conservatory Suppliers: 7 Surprising Reasons Customers say NO but Won’t Tell You

If you own a conservatory or windows business I am sure you have many stories about the customer that got away.

Most of the time you can explain why you lost the job.

Perhaps it was price.

However these days your prospective customers are saying no to you without ever speaking to you.

This is because your customers are searching online for the best companies and will qualify you out without even speaking to you.

In this new invisible world what are the reasons that these people say no to you without even speaking to you?

Failing to build Trust

This is a very important one, everyone knows people buy from people they trust. Especially in the Conservatory industry,as you are going to be spending a lot of time in your customers homes so they need to trust you.

So how do you build trust in an online world?

By being helpful, and not salesy. If you think about it people will trust you if they believe you are generally trying to help them and not just trying to make the sale.

To be helpful we need to become better listeners so we can create content online that answers the questions your potential customers are asking. This will build the initial trust needed for them to reach out to you.

Failing to talk about Price

For almost all businesses I speak with, price is the most common question people ask.

They may not be saying no to you because they think you are too expensive but that you simply fail to talk about cost on your website.

Many businesses tell me that they don’t want to advertise their costs as this gives their prices away to their competitors.

Your competitors may see your price but what can they do with that information?

Under cut you?

Maybe, but they can not replicate your process, years of experience and support you give to your customers.

Pricing a conservatory is complicated, so you don’t even need to give exact costs.

What you can do is talk about what you could expect to pay.

Talk about how the industry prices conservatories.

What it is they are paying for then transition into how you charge.

This will build a tremendous amount of trust.

If you don’t do this they will just leave in search of prices elsewhere.

Failing to answer sales questions

When customers do pick up the phone to speak with you what questions do they ask you?

What questions do your sales and installer teams hear everyday?

Why do they say yes?

Why do they say no?

These are the questions you need to be answering on your website.

Answering these questions will not only help your customers but also build trust and authority.

Failing to talk about your competition

When a customer researches conservatories online they are looking for businesses that can help them in their area.

So create a list of all your competitors and explain what they do and why you would want to use them.

This is going to be really helpful to your customers.

Are you worried that they will use your competitors instead of you?

This is a common question I hear and the best way to answer that is perhaps, what is more likely however is that your customers will be impressed with how open and honest you are.

When they search online for questions as to who is the best conservatory supplier in their area your content will appear.

They are now on your website and you now control the conversation.

If they visit your competitors website then you don’t know what they are doing and you can’t influence them.

Failing to talk about process

Your customers want to know what to expect when they hire you.

We have already talked about cost but they also want to know:

  • How long will it take?
  • Will you make a mess?
  • Who is going to be doing the job?
  • Will I need to move out?
  • What about planning permission?

You need to be answering these questions because ultimately this will encourage them to get in touch as you have helped them understand what is involved.

Failing to offer alternatives

Not everyone will be a good fit for you.

You have to understand that some people will never buy a conservatory from you.

You need to explain this and tell people on your website that if they are looking for x then maybe your are not the best fit for them and then recommend a solution for them.

There is no point wasting your sales teams time talking to people who are not a good fit and the quicker you can establish this the better.

Failing to understand challenges

Every customer has challenges they need to over come before they buy a conservatory so you need to understand what these challenges are and address them.

Again, by listening to your sales and customer support teams you will uncover these challenges.

Address these challenges on your website and this will help move customers through to a point of sale and reduce your sales cycle.


There are many reasons why people say no to you and most people won’t even tell you what they are. By building trust online and answering the questions your customers really want answers to, more people will say yes.

Many of your competitors refuse to be this open thus fail to build trust and be helpful.

Build the relationship first and sell second.

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What’s your goal today?

1.Hire us to grow your store

We’ve generated millions in profits for our clients using our unique ATTRACT, CONVERT, RETAIN strategy, that’s proven to increase profits and customers.

2. Learn how to increase your profits and customers