How To Create Ads Your Competitors Will Steal

Thats right, they will be so good they will want to steal them. But even if they did it won't work because creating killer Google ads goes way deeper than just the ad.Read the full guide now!


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Trade & Construction Companies: Save 31% on Google Advertising Costs

Are Google ads draining your home improvement company’s budget?

Many home improvement companies I work with provide services within a specific location, so when they use Google paid search, they go for keywords with the geographic extension at the end – for example ‘roofing Edinburgh’.

However, doing it this way could be costing you money.

Using a geographic extension can be good, but what you’ll find is that there may not be as many people searching for this as you might think. Continue reading

Improve your Google advertising in less than 30 mins a week

Is your home improvement business’s Google ads campaign all set up, but you’re simply not seeing the results you’d ideally like?

You’ve probably chosen some keywords and set up a couple of ads, but not much is happening. If you’re feeling unsure about what to do next, you’re not alone.

The thing with Google ads is that it’s not a ‘set it and forget it’ platform; just like all types of marketing, you need to keep testing to improve the effectiveness of your campaign. Continue reading

How Home Improvement Companies Can Reduce Their Google Ads Spend

If you own a home improvement company, then I’m sure you’ve probably tried or are currently using Google ads to help promote your business.

I’m also sure you know this can be a good way to get buying customers to your site – but God, it can be expensive.

In my 15 years’ experience in conducting Google ads campaigns for the home services industry, I wanted to list the five most common mistakes I’ve seen over the years and the way to fix them.  Continue reading

How to Tell if Google Ads are Worth the Investment

Are you thinking about using PPC as part of your marketing, but unsure if it’s going to be worth it?

I can guarantee you’re not alone.

In fact, as an inbound marketer (and former PPC consultant), this is something I get asked about all the time – usually from people who are either considering PPC for the first, second or fifth time, or who are currently using it and are worried they’re simply throwing money away.

Perhaps you’ve even been approached by an agency who want to try PPC as part of an overall marketing strategy. Continue reading