How to build trust with customers before you go on a home visit

We live in a digital world where everything is set to automation and people hide behind emails and their websites. However in some industries, like the trade industry, there is no hiding. If you are in an industry where you have to go on home visits then building trust is something you must do very […]

Before You Get a Marketing Audit for your Home Services Business, Do This

Are you looking for a marketing Audit? It’s true that any marketing audits or campaigns involves some degree of risk; after all, not even the biggest agencies can guarantee you results (and if they do, you should avoid them!). However, if you’re feeling anxious about what you can do to help ensure the best chance […]

How to Get Up To 120% More Leads From Your Website Forms

If you’re struggling to acquire more leads from your website, you’ll probably be interested in the story of how one company managed to increase their conversions by 120% – simply by reducing the amount of form fields on their contact us form! The story, via Unbounce, also brings to light what most of us already […]

5 Ideas for Marketing a Home Improvement Business Economically

Are you looking for budget-friendly ways of marketing a home improvement business? If you’re running a small business, you’re probably looking out for smart ways to get the most out of your money when it comes to marketing – and you may be worried about throwing your budget down the drain with Google ads that […]

Home Improvement Marketing Ideas: Attract 94% More Potential Leads

Are you looking for home improvement marketing ideas to help grow your business? These days, content marketing has become one of the most effective ways to reach out and engage with new customers, and content that includes visuals gets up to 94% more views than content without. The bottom line here? Images are a powerful […]

How Your Home Improvement Company Can Rise to the Top of Google Search

Are you wondering how you can boost your home improvement company’s Google search rankings? You may see climbing to the top of Google as a must to help grow your business, but you’re not alone – that’s what makes it so difficult! In fact, in all the years working as a digital marketer, this has […]

7 Key Ingredients for a Successful Home Improvement Company Website

Is your home improvement company’s website the absolute best it can be? Here at Stargazer, I make a living helping home improvement companies just like yours get it right online; after all, your website can be your best salesperson – if you let it. We’ve even written an in-depth guide listing 25 of the best […]

Home Improvement Sales: How to Educate Customers on Low Quotes

Is your home improvement business struggling to compete with super low quotes? If your customers’ heads are being turned by companies offering the same services for a much cheaper price, you might start fretting about lost opportunities and not closing enough sales. But how do you educate your customers on the dangers of accepting dirt […]

7 Facebook Marketing Tips for Home Improvement Companies

Is your home improvement business getting the most out of Facebook? With 1.09 billion people logging onto Facebook every day, many companies are on there promoting and sharing their content to attract the attention of homeowners and potential new prospects. In fact, around 77% of B2C businesses acquire customers from Facebook – a stat that […]