Case Study

Ash Glass Design
"400% increase in online sales"


Before Ash Glass Design started working with Stargazer, their business had stalled. They hired an agency to do some Google Ads with no success and felt burned by the agency as they had promised a lot but didn’t have the skills to deliver on that promise.

When Ash Glass Design contacted Stargazer, they were looking for help with two challenges. How to get more people aware of their products, and how do they drive more sales from the website profitably.

The Results

Ash Glass Design is now well known in the marketplace and is a leading luxury Ash Glass Jewellery provider. They have a steady stream of people finding them online and buying their products. They also increased their sales online by over 400% in their first few months. Kenneth, the owner, told me that he could now pay off his mortgage earlier and spend more time with his kids due to the marketing results.

The biggest asset that Ash Glass Design now have is a way to reach people looking to buy their products while having a high ROAS.

The real asset is Stargazer’s unique ‘pay on performance model‘ as it removes all the risk from their marketing, as Stargazer only gets paid when they increase revenue.

The Process

We analysed Ash Glass Designs and competitors’ customers to understand their motivations to buy and discover the language they used. This language is the cornerstone when creating Ads that talk to their customers.

We completed a full competitor analysis to see what we could learn from how their competitors sold online.

We did a 304 point conversion optimisation audit to remove roadblocks when buying. We helped them implement the results of the conversion audit to increase their website’s conversion rate.

We create product landing pages specifically designed to convert traffic from paid Ads. We created Google Ads campaigns to capture the people ready to buy right now to inject a boost of revenue within days.

We then created campaigns designed to capture people at every stage of the buyers’ journey to get people to know, like and trust the brand.

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