By now, you’ve probably heard of the wonderful marketing tool that is Facebook. What was once known just to college students and long lost relatives is now one of the biggest marketplaces for businesses looking to solidify their brand and increase sales.

When businesses discovered the many benefits that come with opening a Facebook page, hundreds of new pages seemingly opened overnight. However, there was a problem, some businesses were seeing a massive increases, whereas others saw no changes at all.

Before the introduction of social media analytics tools, there was no given reason behind this lack of interest. However, after social media marketers looked into it, they found the issue. No matter how many likes a business received, if the business wasn’t posting engageable and shareable topics, the page was pointless.

If your business has a Facebook page, but you haven’t seen the sales or page views increase on your business’s website, this is most likely the problem you’re having as well.

Below are the top 3 tried and tested methods to get people talking on and about your Facebook page.

Turn your word into pictures

INFOGRAPHIC: Yahoo! in the Europe, the Middle East and Africa

It seems that consumers like infographics over text only posts. Infographics allow those on the go to quickly have a visual of what you’re saying. Online Merchant experts, Practical Ecommerce, states that infographics, as with images in general, are detrimental to SEO efforts. Also photos get 39% more interaction compared to other posts.

They are easy to share, embed links into and they say everything that needs to be said with cool illustrations. If you’re unsure of how to create these infographics, an online marketing agency can get it done for you.

Make your posts engageable

No one likes a one-sided conversation. Without interaction, your posts are just statements; and who wants to share those? When creating posts for your business’s Facebook page, make them relevant, helpful and conversational. Talk ‘TO’ your audience, not at them. Asking a question at the end of the post will help boost engagement and provoke readers to share the post.

Include a link to your Facebook on your blog and company website

Perhaps your established customers are unaware that you even have a Facebook page. If this is the case, create a social media button and place it on your website or blog. They can instantly ‘like’ the page or follow it from there. To have an even bigger impact, you can encourage site visitors to join your page for a discount on products, or for early announcements of upcoming sales and promotions.

Post often!

The main problem that businesses have with Facebook is that they think opening a page will take them to instant fame. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way. For your business to benefit from having Facebook, you need to post regularly.

The more activity you have on your page, the more attractive it looks to search engines and to Facebook. This is a heavy responsibility, so if you don’t have a team dedicated to your social media marketing, now’s the time to look to online marketing agencies for help.

As you can see, dry Facebook pages, needn’t remain that way. Once you follow the above tips, and people begin talking about your page, you will benefit from a greater position in SEO heaven, increased sales, a lower bounce rate and more lifetime customers.

Now it’s your turn

What kind of issues did you face when you opened your business Facebook page? Did you use any of the above methods to turn it around?

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