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[7] Best Google Ads Agency For Your Niche in 2023 (50 Agencies Reviewed)

Today there are 7,672 different Google Ads agencies in the UK and finding the best Google Ads agency can be a minefield. We spent over 60 hours comparing the top 50 agencies to find the seven best that you should consider to help you with your Google search ads.

What is the Best Google Ads Agency?

  • Stargazer Digital — Best for E-commerce businesses
  • Getuplead — Best for SAAS companies
  • The PPC Machine — Best for finance companies
  • Tourism Marketing Agency (TMA) — Best for Travel & Tourism companies
  • Cleverly — Best for B2B
  • Bidmark — Best for Cars and vehicles
  • Tillison — Best for Jobs and Education

1. Stargazer Digital

Our Verdict —Best For E-commerce Brands

stargazer digital

Stargazer Digital (that’s us) is an omnichannel Google Ads agency that works exclusively with eCommerce Brands. Their main focus is on Google Ads. However, they also take a holistic approach to your marketing as they don’t just send quality traffic, they help you convert it too, increasing ROAS and reducing Ad costs.

The Best Part:

  • They focus on the whole picture, from click to customer. This ensures your marketing spend is going as far as possible with their track record of success.
  • Omnichannel marketing strategies.  Meaning they focus on every touchpoint your customer will have with you. Campaign types: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Shopping, Video Ads, Display Ads, Performance Max or Email Marketing, with a focus on tracking with Google analytics.
  • A focus on high ROAS, average order value, high lifetime value and lower Ad costs, as these are the main areas of growing an E-commerce store. The goal is to reduce cost per conversion or CPA.
  • Target audience research. Finding the people who are most likely to buy. Language map to get ideas that can be used in the campaign strategy.
  • No long-term contracts. They offer an initial three months engagement and then month-to-month contracts. Cancel anytime. Did I mention their impressive client list?

The Worst Part:

  • Works exclusively with Ecommerce brands.

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Best For

Stargazer Digital is best for E-commerce Brands that are already making around 50k a month in revenue but want to increase profitability and ROAS with a Google Ads advertising agency.

Top Features

  • Google Ads Strategy. In-depth data-driven strategies focused on reducing Ad costs and increasing ROAS, including Google search campaign management.
  • E-commerce Website conversion rate optimisation audit. They include a full audit of your store to increase conversion rates, helping your ad budget go even further.
  • Full competitor analysis. They will look at your competitor’s Google search Ads, product pages, prices, offers and social media profiles to understand what is working so you can emulate it.
  • Weekly Zoom calls. Weekly Zoom calls to understand and communicate where your campaign performance is going and what is working in the market.
  • Free SEO audit. They also offer a complementary free service.

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2. Getuplead

Our Verdict — Best For SAAS Companies

getuplead - google ads agency

GetUpLead is the best Google Adwords agency for SAAS companies. They have over ten years of experience working with some leading SAAS companies.

The Best Part:

  • Real In-house Google Adwords Experience. This is important as many agencies outsource their work to freelancers.
  • Ten years of experience helping SAAS companies grow with their experienced team.
  • Eight solid case studies on their website demonstrate the success they have achieved for their high-profile clients and an impressive client list.

The Worst Part:

  • Not running Google Ads for their own business
  • They claim to be a Google Ads Partner, but we couldn’t find them in the partner directory. This could easily be an oversight. Speak to this management agency if you are a SAAS company and looking to use Google Ads to get more demos, sign-ups and high-quality traffic.

Best For

SAAS companies looking to get more demos booked and increase sign-ups through advertising and help to reach their business goals.

Top Features

  • Bing Ads is great as it has less competition than The Big G!
  • Google Ads, focused on Google search campaigns.
  • Linkedin Ads expertise focusing on ROI.
  • No contracts, so you can cancel anytime.
  • Weekly/Monthly detailed reporting depending on your needs.

3. The PPC Machine

Our Verdict — Best For Finance Companies

the ppc machine

 The PPC Machine Google Ads agency is best for Finance companies as it offers the best overall services for this niche.

The Best Part:

  • Industry experience. The owner has an impressive background in finance.
  • Guaranteed results. They will refund you if you don’t see results in 60 days.
  • 15 years of experience in Google Ads.
  • The Worst Part: No case studies. Lack of in-depth case studies on the website.
  • Not running Google Adwords for their own business. Get in touch with this PPC company if you are in the financial services niche and want to grow your business and get more qualified traffic.

Best For

Financial services, IFA and mortgage advisors looking to do Google Ads advertising.

Top Features

  • Google Adwords audit and strategy report.
  • Outsourced Digital Marketing Manager, if you need this service.
  • Offer training courses, for Google Ads, to train your team.
  • Optimised landing pages, to help you convert more traffic.
  • A complete and proven system, for mortgage brokers.

4. Tourism Marketing Agency

Our Verdict — Tourism Marketing Agency (TMA)

tourism marketing agency

We think it’s the best for Travel and Tourism companies as this Google AdWords agency focuses solely on this niche.

The Best Part:

  • Over 100 5-star reviews
  • 12 case studies on their website and an expert team.
  • Free website , yes, they provide you with a free website

The Worst Part:

  • Many services are listed on their website, and it’s hard to be good at everything. Contact these guys if you are in the tourism niche and want an overall package and a company that will go the extra mile needed.

Best For

Their Google Ads services are best for Tourism and Travel Companies

Top Features

  • Google Ads management – full PPC management service.
  • Customer research – they’ll research your customers to see what they are looking for.
  • Video production and editing – for all your marketing videos
  • Keyword analysis – an essential part of any Google Ads strategy.
  • Competitive pricing – very competitive Pricing

5. Cleverly

Our Verdict — Best For B2B

cleverly google ads ppc agency

We think this is the best Agency for Google Ads if you are in the B2B space. They have a lot of experience here.

The Best Part:

  • Over 700 5-star reviews on Trustpilot
  • Six case studies on their website showcasing results and an impressive client list.

The Worst Part:

  • Not based in the UK

Contact them if you’re in the B2B niche and want a digital marketing agency to get you more leads.

Best For

Their Google Ads management services are best for B2B companies.

Top Features

  • Google Search term report analysis – a crucial step that most agencies don’t even do.
  • Conversion tracking dashboard
  • High-converting landing pages (conversion rate optimisation)
  • Advanced campaign structure

6. Bidmark

Our Verdict — Best For Cars and vehicles

Bidmark: google ads agency for car dealerships

This agency is a fantastic choice if you are in the car dealership niche and looking to increase traffic and sales.

The Best Part:

  • Performance marketing, they only get paid when you do.
  • Some good case studies showing promising results and an impressive client list.
  • Google Ads partners. We don’t necessarily see this as a benefit, but I know some businesses like to work with their partners.

The Worst Part:

  • Don’t specialise in the car niche, but work with many and do Google shopping which is strange for this niche. They have good experience in the car niche so they would be our choice to check out their performance marketing.

Best For

Car dealerships looking to increase enquiries and walk-ins.

Top Features

  • ROI-focused PPC campaigns
  • PPC campaign audits if you’re already doing ads.
  • Data Focused committed to being data focused.
  • In-house team of PPC specialists
  • Display advertising experts in-house

7. Tillison

Our Verdict — Best For Jobs and Education

Tillson: google ads agency for education

If you are in the recruitment niche or education, this would be our choice for you to take a look at and consider.

The Best Part:

  • 40 4-star reviews on Google
  • Maximise your return on investment
  • Many case studies detailing results and an impressive client list.

The Worst Part:

  • Don’t specialise in one specific area If you are in the education or recruitment niche and want to reach your target audience, Tillson would be the company for you to check out.

Best For

This Google Ads PPC agency is best for recruitment, universities and colleges.

Top Features

  • Keyword research for your PPC campaigns
  • Ad copy that is keyword rich to increase relevancy
  • Campaign structure creation and implementation
  • Dedicated education marketing team
  • Over 10 years of experience in education Google Ads

Here are the top 50 Google Ads agencies we considered in this review:

  1. Stargazer Digital
  2. Wunderads
  3. Bulldog Digital Media
  4. Helloseed
  5. Common Thread Collective
  6. Steerfox
  7. VentureStream
  8. GetupLead
  9. Upraw Media
  10. Skai
  11. 6 Sense
  12. Coinbound
  13. Simple Tiger
  14. Scale Hop
  15. The PPC Machine
  16. Mobas
  17. Financial markets
  18. FSP Agency
  19. Soap Media
  20. Crafted
  21. Found
  22. Cleverly
  23. Incisive Edge
  24. Amiweb
  25. Clarity Global
  26. Velo
  27. Earnest
  28. Gravity Global
  29. Tourism Marketing Agency
  30. Eleven Miles
  31. TrakTek Partners
  32. MRH
  33. Umi Digital
  34. Dune 7
  35. Adido Digital
  36. Made
  37. Bidmark
  38. Team Lewis
  39. Rhion Group
  40. Visarc
  41. Click Dealer
  42. GL Digital
  43. ATG
  44. We Are Nameless
  45. Circus PPC
  46. Adtrain
  47. Click
  48. Dpom
  49. The Social Shepard (social media marketing)
  50. Jumpfly

How do I choose the best Google Ad agency?

When choosing the best Google Ads agency, I recommend looking at social proof. Do they have a lot of reviews in the form of videos? Do they have good case studies on their website showing results?  Do they have experience in your niche?

Does Google have an Ad agency?

Google doesn’t have an Ad agency but a Google partner programme that agencies can sign up for and you need to pass their qualifications. I’m not a fan of the Google partners programme as it teaches you bad habits that help push Google’s agenda and are not necessarily in the advertiser’s best interests.

Should I hire someone to do my Google Ads?

That is an excellent question, and that would depend.  You could hire someone who knows Google Ads or train them in-house, that may be the best option. However, you may want an agency to handle the whole thing. The best solution is the one that works best for you.

How much does a Google Ads agency cost?

You can hire an agency for as little as £500, but I would avoid such agencies. Managing and creating an effective Google Ads campaign takes time, and skill and someone charging that little is either not skilled or undervaluing their talent. I would say a starting price should be around £1,000 for example at Stargazer we charge a £1,000 PPC management fee for £5,000 in ad spend. £4,000 goes to advertising spend and £1,000 to us to manage the account. The fees change the higher your marketing budget.

Are Google Ads worth paying for?

Yes, they can increase your sales and profits and get you in front of the people actively seeking your products and services. However, you can quickly spend a lot of money in the wrong hands. So before hiring or running them yourself, try to test the scenario on paper to see if they would work for you. Google Ads aren’t for everyone, it depends on what stage your business is at and what budget you can afford.

The Bottom Line

To recap, here are the best Google Ads agencies to try this year:

  1. Stargazer Digital — Best for E-commerce businesses
  2. Getuplead — Best for SAAS companies
  3. The PPC Machine — best for finance companies
  4. Tourism Marketing Agency (TMA) — Best for Travel & Tourism companies
  5. Cleverly — Best for B2B
  6. Bidmark — Best for Cars and vehicles
  7. Tillison — Best for Jobs and Education

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What’s your goal today?

1.Hire us to grow your store

We’ve generated millions in profits for our clients using our unique ATTRACT, CONVERT, RETAIN strategy, that’s proven to increase profits and customers.

2. Learn how to increase your profits and customers