head-in-sandDear fellow marketers,

We need to talk. Things have changed and the state of our industry is in dire need of help.

We need to start sharing and caring more. We need to share all our secrets with each other.

Wait… what?

Yes we need to share our knowledge to better the industry, so everyone can benefit. If you are an agency that is doing the same old thing and getting mediocre results for your clients then you need to step up and change…

..or you will be gone in a few years, yes it is that serious.

It wasn’t until I started my own business doing Inbound Marketing in 2012 did I realise how different everything could be.

I found other inbound agencies open to sharing and discussing what is working and what is not.

They share process and strategy documents so everyone can benefit.

I believe that Stargazer has no competitors they only competitors we have are ourselves.

How can our clients do better, how can we delight them more and make them say “that’s awesome” more often. This is my focus because if I do this my competitors will be obsolete.

So what my competitors are doing is of little interest to me in the traditional sense.

And do you know what the sad thing is, the people that suffer the most are the customers and I did not go into business to create unhappy customers.

I refuse to stand by and watch them suffer, I’m here to help and help I will.

But there is more, there is a bigger elephant in the room that no one is addressing.

In Scotland we have a shortage of digital talent. I know you know this because I know you struggle to find good people that know digital inside out.

We need to address this problem too as this is a far greater problem because we are nothing without the people we work with, these people are the ones that delight our customers.

Change hurts but do it anyway

Ok, so I have highlighted a few problems in the industry but what am I going to do about it?

Well for the first challenge of being more sharing, I am willing to share all Stargazers strategies and documents we use to get success for our clients with any agency that requests it.

I am more than happy to share this information with agencies that want to create better experiences for their clients. You take it away, use and improve it.

What do I want in return?

All I want is that you share your findings, let everyone know what you changed to improve things. What worked, what didn’t.

This is to benefit us all so we can make digital marketing in Scotland the best in the world.

If you think that is impossible and don’t want to share, then move on, nothing else here to see. But if you are proud of your industry and care about your customers let’s do this together and make a difference.

If a client is having difficulty and you are not sure what to do next then why don’t we all get to together and offer them advice on how to make their marketing work better.

Would it not be awesome for our customers if they had dozens of agencies helping with their marketing instead of one?

This is really possible but I can’t do it alone, I need your help.

If you want to get in touch with me I will share our strategies and documents.

Your employees are your biggest asset

Our talent is at an all time low, we need to invest in people as they are our biggest asset.

We need to nurture people who show aptitude to be great marketers regardless of their current skills.

We can teach them skills, we can’t teach attitude!

Let’s get together and create incubators to nurture this talent. Let us all invest in our business by offering funding to help these people get the skills they need.

Universities are not working as our industry moves too fast, they can’t keep up.

So let’s stop with the old ways and embrace the future and create an industry we can be proud of and a legacy that helps future Scottish marketers to shine.

Are you with me?

Warm regards,

Kevin Gallagher

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