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3 Advantages of Lead Nurturing that will Make your Customers Smile


Fact:  Successful lead nurturing will turn more of the visitors to your website into customers.

I really hope this first sentence has caught your attention and has motivated you to read the whole of this article as this will help you to understand why your business should be doing lead nurturing.

What is Lead Nurturing?

If you have come to this blog already having a good understanding of what lead nurturing is, then you can skip this section and move on to the next.

Some would say lead nurturing is email marketing 2.0 but I would say lead nurturing is just building relationships with your potential customers and helping them. Notice I underlined the word helping as this is such an important point. We do not want to spam your potential customers with marketing messages, we want to help them make the right buying decision, even if that means sometimes they don’t buy from you.

By creating effective lead nurturing campaigns that your potential customers will love, you increase the probability that they will buy from you. We would all rather buy from people we know and trust. When I talk about lead nurturing I’m not just talking about email, there are so many other ways you can help. You can create product videos, webinars and how to videos. You can talk to them on the telephone or meet them in person. Too many businesses try to go straight for the sale on the first meeting, let them get to know you first.

Lead nurturing builds great relationships

One of the best advantages for me when it comes to lead nurturing is building relationships. We humans are social creatures and we love to socialise with others. I believe business should be the same. Lead nurturing lets your potential customers get to know you better and learn more about you as a business and your great products or services.

People buy from people not a name, so be personal and add some humour and fun to your marketing, don’t be boring.

Increased leads for your business

Over 95% of the visitors to your website are leaving without making a purchase or even revealing who they are. The advantage of lead nurturing is that you can start to reclaim some of that 95%. By offering these potential customers something that is helpful to them, you are more likely to see this visitor return to your website.

By offering them something to download in exchange for their email, you can then start to build relationships with this prospect. Just giving them awesome content can be enough to persuade them to return. They may even decide to join your newsletter or subscribe to your blog.

Perhaps some prospects will decide to subscribe to your YouTube channel because your videos are so good. They may even sign up for one of your webinars or take a free trial. These are all great touch points for you to become friendlier with your prospects.

Increased sales for your business

Now that these prospects are in your sales funnel you can now call them leads. Not all of these leads will turn into customers. According to research done by marketing Sherpa 79% of marketing leads never convert to sales. The most common reason for this is the lack of lead nurturing as 61% of B2B marketers say leads are passed straight to sales.

Lead nurturing and marketing automation will allow you to score your leads. You can easily assign points to your leads when they perform desired actions. A lead who visits your pricing page, looks at your about us page and downloads three guides is far more qualified than someone who only visits your website once.

You can assign points to these people and they can only be sent to sales when people are actually interested in buying. This not only saves so much time, it actually helps increase conversions as when sales contacts a lead they are already familiar with your company and are interested. This eliminates the need for cold calling.

You should always build relationships first and sell second. That was a very important lesson I learned and remember these are real people and they should be treated as such. Always consider their feelings and needs above yours and they will become brand advocates that will help sell your products and services.

You will even make some great friends along the way and surely that’s what it is all about.

Now it’s your turn

What are the experiences you have had with lead nurturing and how do you build relationships with your customers? I would love to hear your story in the comments below.

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