Action Plan

I Love it When a Plan Comes Together
Our Action Plan truly is the beginning of something special. Below, we’ve put together a brief outline of all the technical stuff you can expect before getting your hands on the final product.

Scoping and data analysis

We’ll start by conducting an in-depth analysis of your existing website, marketing and buyer data, before putting together detailed buyer personas. Our marketing analysis will take a close look to see where any gaps are in your current marketing strategy.

We’ll highlight any areas that you may excel in, and others where there’s a little room for improvement. This helps us get a more complete picture of your business.

Website analysis and content audit

Next, we’ll measure exactly how your website is performing and converting visitors, as well as how closely your existing site lines up with your business goals, before putting together a new website flow (if necessary) and wire frames.

A content audit comes next. This is the part where we look at any content or marketing assets you currently have, and decide whether any of it can be leveraged for any quick wins.

A bulletproof strategy you’ll love

Finally, we’ll put all of this data and information together to create a fully measurable, bulletproof content marketing strategy that will serve as the engine to drive you towards the results your business needs.

NOTE: Once you have your finalised Action Plan, you’ll be under no obligation to purchase any of our ongoing monthly packages. You will be free to do with it as you please, including taking it to another agency, or actioning it in-house.

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