If you have ever run a PPC campaign then you will know that getting it to perform can be difficult. With over 10 years experience in creating PPC campaigns, I thought I would share these 8 tips that can really make a difference to your click through rates and in turn will bring down your costs.

1. Keyword in display URL

Adding your keyword to the actual display URL can really help increase your click through rates as Google will highlight the keyword and make your ad more relevant.

keywords in display url

You can see that ad B has a bigger impact and can really increase your click through rate.

2. Adding a full stop after first Line

This is a little known secret but if you add a full stop to the end of the first line in your ad this will push that line up next to your title. This only works if you are showing above or below the organic (normal free listings) results but this can dramatically increase your CTR (click through rate).

add a full stop to your ppc ads

You can see that ad A looks far more attractive and if you don’t add the full stop then Google will use your domain name instead.

3. Always have at least two Ads running

Make sure you are always testing at least two Ads in each AdGroup. The best way to do this is to have two Ads competing with each other at all times and leave them running until you see a clear winner. Next pause the loser and create another Ad to beat the current winner. Repeat this and you will see your click through rates creep up over time. This will also bring up your quality score and reduce your cost per click.

Never delete an Ad as once you delete it all historical data goes, and you may want to revisit it in the future.

4. Limit failure with four ADS

Sometimes having two Ads running can be dangerous, especially if you have an AdGroup that has a high level of conversions. Your poorer performing Ad could really have a negative effect on your click through rate and conversions.

To limit the potential downturn, run four Ads at the same time. Have three identical Ads. These identical Ads would be your best performing Ad and one Ad that you are testing against the three.

ad more ads

The ad you are testing will only see 25% of the impressions, thus limiting your risk.

5. Capitalise each word of your ad

This is a very common mistake people make. You should always capitalise each word of your Ad. This will make it stand out and look better.

capitalise each word

6. Rotate your Ads evenly indefinitely

By default, Google will show the best performing ad but this is not the most effective way to test two different ad variations. Always make sure you have it set to show evenly over time, like in the example below.

You can change these settings in campaign settings > scroll down to > advanced settings then you will find it in > Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping> Ad rotation and click edit.

7. Examine your search terms for hidden Gems

If you go to the keywords> tab click on the keyword details> tab then search terms> then all>

Here you will find a list of the exact keywords that triggered your ads. If you are only using [exact match] you won’t see any data. If you are using “phrase”, broad or +modified +broad you will see a list of keywords. The keywords in here you are looking for are ones that have caused a conversion but is not a current keyword.

examine exact match

When you find keywords that have good conversions add them into your AdGroup as exact match. This will then increase your relevancy and quality score. Which means your cost per click will be less and so will your cost per lead/sale.

8. Always be testing

Although these tips are sure to increase your click through rates, you really must test everything. Always be testing Ads, match types and keywords. I can guarantee if you do this over time you will get some impressive results.

Do you have any tips you would like to share?

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