Are you looking for a way to keep all of your construction projects on track?

These days, project management software is becoming more and more prominent across all industries, and especially if you’re running a busy construction firm, staying on top of those all-important jobs is particularly crucial.

Many of the companies that contact me already use some of the software listed below, and do voice their concerns about how tricky it can be to keep track of jobs and nevermind thinking about the marketing side, too (which is where I come in).

So, whether your current system is letting you down or you’re just looking to get started with a project management software to suit your growing business’s needs, this blog has you covered.

1. EasyBuild

With lots of fantastic features for contractors and house builders, EasyBuild provides specialist project management software that is tailor-made for the construction industry. Their cutting-edge software uses both Microsoft and Oracle, and was developed with industry expertise to suit construction needs industry-wide.

So, whether you’re within the UK or overseas, EasyBuild could give you a birds-eye view of your progress, including a full analysis of costs, revenues, liabilities and surveyor adjustments. It also offers easy migration from your current software!

2. Aconex

Aconex boasts the no.1 cloud solution for managing information and processes for some of the biggest construction and engineering projects out there. It allows full project visibility and control, and is fastly becoming the industry’s most trusted platform.

This award-winning software offers a free demo to help you get started, and it’s used in over 70 different countries. However, it doesn’t cover aspects such as billing and invoicing, timesheets or warranty/service management amongst others.

3. Procore

A simple yet secure project management system, Procore boasts the no.1 most widely used construction management system. It combines some of the latest web technologies so users can view and manage multiple projects within one user-friendly dashboard.

Its many features include a drawing management tool and a change order system, but you can request a free demo to get a better feel of all it has to offer. Pricing is based on an annual flat-rate system, but will depend on which elements you need and how you plan to use it.

4. BuilderTREND

According to BuilderTREND’s website, this software is no.1 when it comes to home builders and remodelers. It promises “faster build times, reduced overheads and happier customers”, plus it also includes a lot of the finance functions that Aconex misses out (such as timesheets, payments and budget/job costing).

Starting at around £70 per month, this award-winning software is used in over 30 different countries, so you can be reassured that it’s a model that works. However, if you’re still having doubts, the official website has a link where you can try it risk free.

5. WorkflowMax

When it comes to good sales pitches, WorkflowMax is right up there with the best of them. Their website says that on average, they save customers around 628 hours of time and $22,000 (roughly £15,850) per year! With with low monthly pricing and free unlimited support, plus a wealth of great other features, it’s worth a look.

The only thing about this software is that although it’s used by builders and contractors, it’s not limited to the building and construction industry – in fact, it’s also used by architects, engineers and surveyors, creative agencies, business consultants, and even IT services!

Prices start from £15 per month, rising to £100 – depending on how many users you need.

6. Co-construct

Another web-based and mobile construction project management software, Co-construct helps manage the needs of construction clients, builders and design-build firms. Much like BuilderTREND, it’s mainly aimed at home builders and remodelers, and addresses various challenges you may find on the job.

With features designed to guide you through budgeting, client communications, selections and scheduling, Co-construct includes many useful features that you again won’t find with Aconex.

Prices start from just £70 per month.

7. BuildTools

Last but not least, web-based platform BuildTools claims to provide all the construction project management tools you need in just one low monthly cost. It allows you to manage all of your communication, project schedule, overall budget and timesheets from one easy dashboard that you can access on a mobile or tablet.

If you want to see a demo of BuildTools in action, you have to schedule it with an advisor – which is no great pain in the grand scheme of things. Pricing is also scalable, so you can start fairly low and increase your plan as your construction business grows.

Pricing starts at just £70 for the first month, but then rises to around £105 – £240 per month, depending on the type of package you choose.


I hope you’ve found the above list useful when looking for ways to keep your construction projects running smoothly. Nowadays, everyone wants to do things as quickly and efficiently as possible, and investing in one of the above pieces of software could potentially end up saving you hundreds of pounds in the long-term.

Your next steps: I’d start to think carefully about which features you really need in a project management software, as there’s no point in paying for a bundle of extras you won’t use. Finding a balance between features, usability and great support can make all the difference – good luck!

What do you currently use to make sure your projects stay on track?

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