The way people buy conservatories has changed, has your conservatory business changed to meet this?

This change is wide spread across most industries and the conservatory industry is no different.

I am sure you have noticed that your customers are much better informed about your products than ever before.

Have you also noticed they are not responding to traditional advertising as much as they used to?

This is because the tables have finally turned, people no longer want to hear your sales talk.

They want to make up their own mind on what type of conservatory to buy and who from.

They do their own research.

How do you tip the scales back in your favour?

With Inbound Marketing!

Below I have listed 5 reasons why Inbound Marketing is your secret weapon in reaching your customers and selling more effectively than ever before by simply not selling at all.

Let me explain.

1.Customers do their own research

Far less customers these days are picking up the phone to ask you which conservatory they should buy and some are even saying no to you before you even get a chance to speak with them.

With the power of the Internet and sites like Google they are doing their own research and it is estimated that 60% of the buying decision has already been made before they contact you, if they contact you at all.

How can inbound help with this?

By making sure when your customers are doing the research it is your website they find and it is your website that is helping them answer the questions they have.

2.Customers need to trust you

Trust is very important in any business but more so when it comes to building conservatories.

You are going to be spending a lot of time in their house so they need to trust you.

How do you build trust in an online world where they don’t even meet you?

With helpful content that answers their most asked questions.

It is this content that will build trust, not your sales copy.

People trust you when you help them and not when they think you are just trying to make a sale.

3.Customers are not ready to buy

I am sure you have experienced it, you speak to a prospective customer only for them to go cold and unresponsive.

There are many reasons why this can happen.

Do you ever get in touch with them when this happens?

You probably do until you get disheartened.

Inbound can help you keep front of mind even if they do go cold. This helps you nurture them until they are ready to come back.

4.Customers want you to demonstrate authority

Like trust, customers want you to demonstrate that you know what you are talking about and can do a good job.

Again your sales copy won’t do this and people don’t trust testimonials as much these days as they perhaps once did.

This is why creating the content that they care about is not only helping them, it is also building trust.

5.Customers want the tough questions answered

They are tough questions for you but to them they are not.

One such tough question that springs to mind is cost.

Do you talk about costs on your website?

You should, as this is the question they want answered and they will respect you all the more for doing so.

So talk about cost on your website.

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