healthcare-secretAre you in charge of generating more leads?

Is your healthcare website not generating enough leads?

In this article, I will discuss four ways that you can quickly increase the leads on your website. Let’s put into context what you should be converting from your website.

According to a recent study by MarketingSherpa, your healthcare website should be on average converting at 8%. Although this will vary for different verticals within healthcare.

This study suggests that your website should be converting 8 of every 100 people who visit your website.

Is your conversation rate higher?

Then well done you, perhaps you don’t need to read this article. If your website is performing at a much lower rate, then I hope you can get some actionable tips to improve the number of people making contact through your website.


Industry conversion rates


Creating content that answers your prospects sales questions can attract them to your website, but how do we turn these people into a known lead? The first step in this process is the effective use of calls-to-actions.

A call-to-action is a little button, or a link, that encourages your prospect to take action. This could be to download your free guide, get your free whitepaper or perhaps attend a webinar. A high percentage of your prospects will click on them as they are relevant and are related to the content they have just read.

If you don’t have calls-to-actions on your website, or they are not convincing, you will not generate any leads.

Landing pages

Now that your prospects are interested in the content that your calls-to-actions promote, and have clicked on them, they are then presented with what is called a landing page. Every marketing campaign should have a landing page.

These pages reinforce what the call-to-action promised and encourage your prospects to download your offer. The prospect will have to give you at least their name and email in exchange for this content, thus becoming a known lead.


Every landing page should have a form and the information you ask for in your forms will vary depending on which stage of the buying cycle your prospects are at.

I would recommend that if they are in the awareness stage (the stage where they are just performing research) and they are looking to download a general guide, I would only ask for their first name, email address and company name as this will mean more people will fill in your forms.

People don’t like to fill forms in so the less fields the better, only ask for information that you are actually going to use.


When using marketing automation software like HubSpot you will be able to create a centralised marketing database and track which stage your leads are in.

This will mean you can send them helpful information to move them through your sales funnel from first becoming an awareness lead to a marketing qualified lead and then finally a sales qualified lead.

You will also be able to segment your leads by industry, age, job title, location or anything that you think represents your buyer personas.

Key take aways

If your healthcare website is not turning visitors into leads and sales, your company is losing out on a lot of business to your competitors. Create content that answers the questions of your prospects or patients.

Create calls to actions that entice them to download more relevant content. Create landing pages that are focused on your eBooks and guides which you have created to help them further.

Use forms to gather essential information and segment your leads database to send emails that are contextually relevant and helpful in their buying decision.

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Now it’s your turn

Where does your business get most of its leads from? Do you rely mostly on referrals? I would love to know in the discussion below.

Source: your healthcare website should be on average converting at 8%.

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