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Don't Pay A Penny Unless We Double Your Revenue

We Help  Ecommerce Brands Add Up to 250% in revenue in 90 Days Or Less With Google Ads & Conversion Design

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“goes above and beyond what we need”

Oscar Owner @ Homebound
kevin gallagher
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Eliminate the Risk with our Performance based Google Ads, conversion design & Email marketing

We take out the risky side of Google Ads by guaranteeing results. If we don't get you results, you don't pay us. After completion of the set up phase, we are 100% performance based.


No Monthly Fee

No monthly fees. You get paid first, then we do.

Risk Free

As we only get paid when you do, there is zero risk.

Proven Strategy

100's of brands grow with our unique strategy.

Kenny Scott, owner Ash Glass Design

What's it like working with the Stargazer team?

“I realized I had to do something with my company to make it sustainable and to grow the business.

My sales increased by 400% in the first 6 months, which was beyond my dreams really. 

I think this is due to the kind of knowledge, guidance and professionalism that I got with them. I’ve been able to achieve a lot with the success of marketing.”

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Benefit from our expertise in building and managing conversion-centered Google Ads

Proven Strategies

You will have peace of mind that the strategies we use are battle tested to create bullet proof Google Ads.


We will remove the junk and only send you the best quality traffic which means you pay less for a sale or enquiry.

Data Driven

We don’t make assumptions, every decision we make is back by hard data.

Conversion Rates

Highly targeted landing pages will increase your conversion rates.


Crafting Bullet Proof Ads With High Converting Landing pages for Stoveco

Stoveco is one of the Uk’s leading Wood Burning Stove suppliers and they partnered with Stargazer to get more leads at a lower cost from Google. 

By consistently testing new Ads and landing pages, we have managed to reduce their CPA by 60% and increase booked calls and showroom visits by 40% while keeping their budget steady.


Industry Leading Research

The first step in any successful Ad campaign is customer research. We will create a language/mind map and perform a competitor analysis before we even go into the Google Ads platform.

Building bullet proof ads

The better understanding of your customers needs and wants, the better your Ads will perform. Once the research is completed, we build the campaigns that drive only the best quality traffic to your site.

Expert Google Ads Agency

If I could boil down what we do to one thing it would be to reduce cost per acquisition. This is the most important number and using our proven strategies we bring down your CPA to ensure maximum profitability.

"At last a company that actually cares about your business"

"Delivers what it says it will and most importantly has increased our sales!! A really down to earth, highly skilled and professional company who don't blind you with jargon, they simply show you what you need to do to get where you want. Can't recommend them enough, we are sure you won't be disappointed."
linda gallagher Lowland Lettings
Linda Maclaughlan
Owner, Lowland Lettings
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Frequently asked questions

Our fees are based on a percentage of the revenue you make minus the ad spend.

We can see new sales for your business in around 72 hours.

We hear that a lot, and from understanding what people tell us, we have found that people usually have this opinion when they have tried this themselves or have been burned by an agency . Another reason behind this is that people try Google Ads with too small  a budget, which makes it hard to compete.

We hear that a lot, and from understanding what people tell us, we have found that people usually have this opinion when they have tried this themselves and didn’t know what they were doing. Another reason behind this is that people try Google Ads with too small of a budget, and it doesn’t give Google enough to find the sales you need.

Yes, simple put, after the initial testing phase. if we don’t make you any money then you don’t pay us a penny.

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